Actress Vaithayanon Usamanee

Kwan Usamanee Vaithayanon is a dramatic actress who has been on the cover of several major Asian magazines. She has been acting since she was a child. She was selected for her ability and potential. Kwan is serious about her craft and has been rumored to star in several upcoming productions.(Source:


Actress Vaithayanon Usamanee
  • Name:

    Vaithayanon Usamanee
  • Native name:

    อุษามณี ไวทยานนท์
  • Also Known as:

    Kwan, ขวัญ, Vaithayanon, Vaithayanon, Kwan Usamanee Vaithayanon,
  • Nationality:

  • Gender:

  • Born:

    March 3, 1988
  • Age:

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