So Young 2: So You're Still Here (2016)


So Young 2: So You're Still Here (2016)

So Young 2, Never Gone;, 致青春·原来你还在这里

Movie , Romance , Youth , Chinese | 98 Mins

6.4 10177 10 0


The story started in high school. Su Yun Jin was a gentle and quiet student, while Cheng Zheng was the total opposite of her. He fell in love with her and started to pursue her until they sat in college, even when they studied in a different university. After a while they finally started dating. However, the difference in their family background and personalities caused them to part way with each other. A few years later, Yun Jin established a successful career and Cheng Zheng reappeared in her life.


Liu Crystal Su Yun Jin Main Role
Kris Wu Cheng Zheng Main Role
Qiao Kimi Shen Ju An [Su Yun Jin's Ex-boyfriend] Supporting Role
Jin Shi Jia Zhou Zi Yi [Chen Zheng's best friend] Supporting Role
Hao Shao Wen Song Ming Supporting Role
Chen Maggie Zheng Xiao Tong Supporting Role
Li Qin Meng Xue [Chen Zheng's childhood friend who has a crush on him] Supporting Role

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Movie , Romance , Youth , Chinese