Sister-in-law's Seduction (2017)


Sister-in-law's Seduction (2017)

Temptation of sisterhood, The Seduction of Sister -In-Law, 처제의 유혹

Movie , Mature , Romance , Korean | 98 min

5.6 5236 10 0


Jeong Min lives everyday indulging in gambling and sex, until he gets into debt. He finds out his rich twin brother is missing and plans to take his place, but his plans get complicated when his brother's sister-in-law Sae Eun appears. Jeong Min and Sae Eun who loves him start living together. Will he overcome her seduction and put his brother's wealth in his hands?


Yoon Se Na Joo Sae Eun Main Role
Ari Chae Ran Main Role
Min Do Yoon Park Jeong Min Main Role
Shin Sung Hoon President Choi Supporting Role
Jang Ji Eun Min Seon Woo Supporting Role
Lee Yoo Chan Team leader Sin Supporting Role
Choi Soo Min Kim Hyeong Supporting Role
Choi Eun Suk President Choi's henchman 1 Supporting Role
Park Jung Sub President Choi's henchman 2 Supporting Role

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Movie , Mature , Romance , Korean