My Sister's Friend 2 (2017)


My Sister's Friend 2 (2017)

누나 친구 2

Movie , Drama , Mature , Romance , Korean | 83 min

5.8 3933 10 0


Sang Woo's daily life changes 180 degrees ever since his sister's friend Jeong Hee comes to live in their house. Every time he sees her walking around the house with wet hair and wearing just a big T-shirt, he gets erotic thoughts. He dreams of having sex with her just once until one day, he does. However, since then, Jeong Hee can't forget the night with Sang Woo and how much better he was than her fiance and starts coming back to his room...


Ji Yun Jung Hee Main Role
Lee Chae Dam Hee Kyeong Main Role
Do Mo Se Sang Woo Main Role
Yoo Chan Chul Joong Supporting Role
Tae Bong Hae Jong Supporting Role

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Movie , Drama , Mature , Romance , Korean