Your Honor (2018)

친애하는 판사님께

Drama , Comedy , Detective , Fantasy , Vampire , Korean | Episodes 40

6.8 5107 10 0


Two identical twins, Han Soo Ho and Han Kang Ho, look exactly alike but lead entirely different lives. Han Soo Ho is a respectable judge who does everything by the book, while Han Kang Ho is not only a convicted criminal but a repeat offender. When Han Soo Ho suddenly disappears, Han Kang Ho ends up taking his brother’s place and living a new life as a judge.


Yoon Na Moo Lee Ho Sung Support Role
Hwang Seok Jung Support Role
Kim Hye Ok Support Role
Boo Sung Chul Director
Chun Sung Il Screenwriter
Heo Sung Tae Support Role
Sung Dong Il Support Role
Heo Ji Won Wook Tae Support Role
Nara Joo Eun Yeok Main Role
Yoon Shi Yoon Han Kang Ho / Han Soo Ho Main Role
Park Byung Eun Oh Sang Cheol Main Role
Lee Yoo Young Song Ji Hyun Main Role