Yes! Mr. Fashion (2016)


Drama , Romance , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 28

5.9 1047 10 0


In order to find out the truth about his mother's death, the heir of Feng Shang Group Shang Bo Ran joins a fashion magazine publisher while hiding his identity. There he meets his rival at work, the naive and optimistic Lu Xiao Kui. Due to a strange combination of circumstances, the two bickerig colleagues end up living together and gradually fall in love with each other.


Ou Yang Na Na Li Xiao Kui Main Role
Chen Cheney Shang Bo Ran Main Role
Ren Yan Kai Gao Ming Supporting Role
Yung Yvonne Shang Yun Xi Supporting Role
Chang Riva Xue Zhen Ni Supporting Role
Wang Duo Wang Xing Ren Supporting Role
Wu Vivian Leng Shan Supporting Role
Yang Zhi Ying Babi Guest Role
Li Guang Jie Unknown Role