Yakeni Ben no Tatsu Bengoshi ga Gakko de Hoeru (2018)

School Lawyer, Yakeben, やけに弁の立つ弁護士が学校でほえる

Drama , Comedy , Law , School , Japanese | Episodes 6

4.8 62 10 0


Shotaro Taguchi is a newly recruited attorney. As part of a new "school lawyer system", he is sent a middle school. There he encounters an angry student’s guardian who came to complain about her daughter's corporal punishment. The guardian threatens to sue the school but Taguchi kicks the person out from school. A few days later, the corporal punishment issue develops to an unexpected situation. The guardian sents a document with the student's homeroom teacher Mochizuki signature, admitting to using corporal punishment on the student. 


Hamada Mari Support Role
Kishii Yukino Mochizuki Support Role
Sugawara Daikichi Support Role
Kosakai Kazuki Support Role
Minami Kaho Support Role
Sato Ryuta Kohei Uno Support Role
Kamiki Ryunosuke Shotaro Taguchi Main Role
Tanabe Seiichi Miura Main Role
Sudo Risa Hisa Yamashita(Ep.5) Guest Role
Horiuchi Keiko Makiko Mizushima(Ep.1) Guest Role
Inoue Jun Saburo Koshiba (Ep.3) Guest Role
Watanabe Tetsu Naganuma Masao (Ep.2) Guest Role