Wine Beauty (2014)

Red Wine My Fair Lady, 红酒俏佳人

Drama , Business , Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 42

5.3 148 10 0


The story revolves around Li Sheng’s earnest part-timer character who travels to Shenzhen to find her ex-boyfriend played by Miao Zi Jun. Too bad he’s shacked up with the heiress to a red wine importing company played by Myolie. Li Sheng finds herself embroiled in the success battle between Myolie and her step-mother in the drama. Roy’s character is the younger cousin to Myolie and finds himself constantly butting heads with Li Sheng. He’s a kindhearted guy and helps Li Sheng stay in Shenzhen and lands her a job at the wine company.


Li Sheng Xuan Lin Main Role
Chiu Roy Chen Zi Hao Main Role
Huang Maggie Tan Yi Na Supporting Role
Mao Zi Jun Supporting Role
Wu Myolie Shen Man Supporting Role