When A Woman Chases A Man (2017)

JOJO's World, Wo He Wo De Si Ge Nan Ren, 我和我的四個男人

Drama , Romance , Taiwan | Episodes 20

8.8 16557 10 0


It’s the biggest crisis of her life. What will she do? Lin Chun Jiao is a working woman who is about to turn 30 years old and is facing a crisis both at her work and in her personal life. She has been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF), which is a condition where the ovaries lose their normal function before the age of 40, commonly resulting in infertility for women. Chun Jiao decides to face her personal crisis head-on. Before the chance escapes her, she wants to have a baby as soon as possible. But which man will she pick to help her in her unusual endeavor? Will it be Yi Sheng, a socially awkward man who doesn’t know the first thing about women? Or Tang Zai Qin, her ex-boyfriend who suddenly reappears in her life? Or Zhang Xiao Shuo, a young assistant in Chun Jiao’s company? Or Li Bi He, one of Chun Jiao’s best friends? Will Chun Jiao go through with her plan?


Li Tia Lin Chun Jiao / "JoJo" Main Role
Hwang Jacob Yi Sheng Main Role
Hsu Jason Li Bi He Main Role
Wu Andy Zhang Xiao Shuo Main Role
Hsu Sharon Ding Shu Qi Main Role
Yan Yen-J Tang Zai Qin Main Role
Wang Lotus Shu Fen Supporting Role
Ma Nian Xian Ma Ke Wang Supporting Role
Hsu Michael Lin Xing Xing Supporting Role
Ma Hipo ViVi Supporting Role
Kuo Kenny Xiao Wu Supporting Role