Trace of the Hand (2017)

Sonui Heunjeok, Traces of Hand, 손의 흔적

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Korean | Episodes 17

5.6 1081 10 0


Is there an app to help you get the woman you love? Kim Hong Sik (Shin Jae Ha) is a shy young man who returns to college after serving his mandatory military service. He discovers an app called T-Scope that helps him to see other people’s secret messages. Can he use it to help him capture the heart of the “Queen of the Engineering College” (Ryu Hwayoung), whom he has secretly loved for years?


Lee Bum Kyu Obama Support Role
Im Jong In Support Role
Kwon Young Min Park Soon Yeong Support Role
Kwak In Joon Support Role
Shin Jae Ha Kim Hong Sik Main Role
Ryu Hwa Young Main Role