Tientsin Mystic (2017)


Drama , Detective , Investigation , Mystery , Chinese | Episodes 24

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During the Republican era, a river is haunted by inexplicable occurrences. Dun De You is a policeman who succeeds his master 'Old River God' and has inherited his ability to weed out the guilty whenever he lights the pipe. He ends up being suspected for the murder of a distinguished chairman whose son Ding Mao joins hands with him to uncover the truth. Together with some unlikely partners, they begin an investigation that leads them to an incident twenty years ago. ~~ Chinese web series adapted from a novel by Tian Xia Ba Chang 天下唱霸 who also wrote the Candle in the Tomb.


Lei Yin Main Role
Zhang Ming En Main Role
Wang Zi Xuan Main Role

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Drama , Detective , Investigation , Mystery , Chinese