Tieng Narng Mai (2017)

Nymph's Bed, Tiang Nangmai, เตียงนางไม้

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episode 17

5.3 417 10 0


The thunder in the jungle of gold. Lightning spells the magic of magic. See the black ball The battle between black magic and the cover is fierce. But this time, the power of evil has prevailed. Strength of the forest guard. I do not know what to do. In rough hands with a bag. Black magic open. The soul and soul of the nymph and the monkey. Has been sucked into the bag. I do not know what to do. Lightning Faces with the doctor as if to help protect the vagina. The angels realized that they could not escape the mages' hands, so they decided to use dying power to create a glass cover for Vana. There is no way she wants to. Leave those like brothers. The magic of the doctor in Wana will go away. The magical black magic accelerator to destroy the glass. The invisible but ineffective Glasses to fly away. The magician must decide to collect the bag, then recite the spell quickly to close. Seal the soul. The screams of the jungle ghosts cry out to the painful tears of the young girl before Wana disappears with sadness.


Mokjok Jaturong Sia Gumchai Support Role
Pongsilpipat Chanidapa Yoghurt Support Role
Ratchakrome Gosin Manop Support Role
Ammarat Jakkrit Support Role
Chauncheun Kom Muan Support Role
Karnthip Pop Thagoon Ton Main Role
Oom Eisaya Hosuwan Vana Main Role
Sakdikul Somlek Guest Role
Jennie Panhan "Ghost Wife" (Ep.1) Guest Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand