The Whirlwind Girl 2 (2016)

Xuan Feng Shao Nu – Di Er Ji, 旋风少女第二季

Drama , Action , Romance , Sports , Chinese | Episodes 36

6.9 1864 10 0


Qi Bai Cao successfully conquered martial art competitions across Asia and gained a deeper understanding of her field. But with the tragic loss of her mentor, Ruo Bai, she didn't know how to persevere on. She then met Chang An, a mysteriously talented man who took over her training. Under his grueling coaching, Bai Cao regained her spirit and continued her path toward martial art glory.


Ji Chang Wook Chang An Main Role
An Yue Xi Qi Bai Cao Main Role
Chen Sean Fang Ting Hao Main Role
Kong Korn Shi Ye Chong Supporting Role
Zhao Yuan Yuan Fang Ting Yi Supporting Role
Jiao Vincent Qu Xiang Nan Supporting Role
Wu Leo Hu Yi Feng Supporting Role
Tan Song Yun Fan Xiao Ying Supporting Role
Jiang Yi Yi Jin Min Zhu Supporting Role
Xing Fair An Xiao Yue Supporting Role
Guo Fiction Lu Fei Yu Supporting Role
Huang Sheng Chi Shen Bo Supporting Role
Wang Zi Xuan Yin Xiu Supporting Role
Huang Tian Qi Fang Ting Hao [Child] Supporting Role
Yang Yang Ruo Bai Guest Role

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Drama , Action , Romance , Sports , Chinese