The Three Heroes and Five Gallants (2016)

The Five Gallants, Wǔ shǔ nào dōngjīng, 五鼠闹东京

Drama , Historical , Chinese | Episodes 42

5.9 817 10 0


Zhao Zhan, an expert swordsman, saves the life of Justice Bao Zhen during the Northern Song Dynasty and is rewarded for his brave deed. But Ji Pang, an evil minister who is hungry for power, uses Zhan’s name to provoke a group of legendary swordsmen known as the Five Mice of Xian Kong Island. Bai Yu Tang leads the Five Mice to the capital to locate Zhan and seek revenge. During their journey, the five swordsmen hear about the evil doings of Ji Pang and his son and decide to go to Chen Zhou to deal with them first. When Justice Bao is framed by his enemies and put in prison, Zhan is left to protect the Song Dynasty on his own. Zhan needs the help of the Five Mice to protect the court against their mutual enemies, but how willing will Yu Tang be to help when the two men get entangled in a love triangle with Ding Yue Hua, a beautiful woman who wields a deadly sword better than any of her male contemporaries?


Chen Xiao Bai Yu Tang Main Role
Yan Kevin Zhan Zhao Main Role
Zheng Shuang Ding Yue Hua Main Role
Zhang Zhi Xi Jin Ya Lan Supporting Role
Liang Guan Hua Bao Qing Tian Supporting Role
Zhang Wei Na Ji Sai Hua Supporting Role
Wang Mao Lei Jiang Ping Unknown Role