The Ten Deadly Sins (2016)


Drama , Action , Crime , Detective , Chinese | Episodes 21

5.5 399 10 0


Hua Long, Su Mei, Bao Zhan and Professor Liang comprise the SIG (Special Investigation Group). This group deals with the extremely abnormal and twisted investigations of homicide cases that are difficult to crack. In the process of solving the cases, each member must face their own dangers, conspiracy and growth.


Tsang Eric Liang Shu Ye Main Role
Zhang Han Hua Long Main Role
Yu Xiao Tong Bao Zhan Main Role
Zhang Ya Mei Su Mei Main Role
Dai Ting Rui [Professor Liang's assistant] Supporting Role
Zhang Hao Cheng Mai Xi Supporting Role
Xie Gavin Gao Bin [Forensic] Supporting Role
Zhu Jie Jian Hui [Cheng Yi's Lover] Guest Role

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Drama , Action , Crime , Detective , Chinese