The Taoism Grandmaster (2018)

Xuan men dashi, 玄門大師, 玄门大师

Drama , Fantasy , Chinese | Episodes 46

6.3 1791 10 0


It has been foretold over three thousand years ago that the apocalypse is impending and that one Taoist grandmaster will emerge to save the world. To give the people a fighting chance, the immortals have gathered a team of gifted individuals in search for the sacred shield.


Zhang Yong Gang Lang Da Di/The Great Wolf Support Role
Liu Luke Zhang Ling [Young] Support Role
Mei Han Die Er Support Role
Huang Zi Xi Xiao Wu Sheng Support Role
He Zhong Hua Zhang Da Shun Support Role
Tong Meng Shi Zhang Ling Main Role
Wang Zi Chen Lian Chang Feng Main Role
Wang Xiu Zhu Donghuang Feifei Main Role
Pei Tim Tie Lang Main Role