The Story of Ming Lan (2018)

Concubine's Daughter: Biography of Ming Lan, 庶女明兰传, Do You Know? It Ought To Be a Wilting Flower Amongst The Lush Leaves, 海棠依旧, 知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦, 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦

Drama , Drama , Family , Historical , Life , Romance , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 73

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The Story of Ming Lan, based on the novel written by Guan Xin Ze Luan, follows our heroine through her youth, into her adulthood, and well into her marriage life as well. She’s the 6th child of the Sheng household. Though she is an intelligent and beautiful child, she was not loved by her family (her dad, her sisters, her mom dies early.) She has to hide her intelligence and suffers throughthe years, hoping to avenge for her mom. During this process she will meet many friends and foes, one of which is our male lead, Gu’s second son, Gu Ting Ye. He has helped and mistreated her before, but also the one to witness her sharp wits and lonely soul. After they get married, they will work together as a power couple, managing the new King’s regime as well as harvesting a world of happiness on their own.


Shi Shi Sheng Mo Lan Support Role
Wang He Run Sheng Hua Lan Support Role
Wang Ren Jun Sheng Chang Bai Support Role
Li Yi Xiao Zhu Man Niang Support Role
Zhu Yi Long Qi Heng Support Role
Gao Lu Lin Qin Shuang Support Role
Cao Cui Fen Old Mrs. Sheng [Ming Lan's grandmother] Support Role
Wang Zi Wei Xiao Tao Support Role
Liu Jun Sheng Hong Support Role
Zhang Karlina Sheng Ru Lan Support Role
Zhang Xiao Qian Sheng Chang Feng Support Role
Li Hong Tao Gu Yan Gu Kai Support Role
Wang Yi Nan Little Mdm. Qin Support Role
Zhao Zanilia Sheng Ming Lan Main Role
Feng William Gu Ting Ye Main Role
Zhang Baby Guest Role
Liu Lin Sheng Ming Lan's mother Guest Role

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Drama , Drama , Family , Historical , Life , Romance , Youth , Chinese