The Lovers Lies (2016)

Ai Ren De Huang Yan, he Wife's Lies 2, 爱人的谎言

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 54

5.8 858 10 0


When Tong Si Jie becomes an orphan at an early age, she struggles and has to work different jobs to take care of her siblings. Then she meets the rich Yi Yi – a love that seems to be written in the stars. Just when Si Jie and Yi Yi decide they want to stay together forever, Yi Yi’s dominant mother interferes in their relationship, spreading lies that drift the two lovers apart.


Xu Kai Cheng Tong Xiao Qiu Support Role
Cao Xi Yue Cheng Hui Hui Support Role
Cai Gang Liang Wen Support Role
Cheng Bian Tong Xiao Chun [young] Support Role
Fu Jia Guan Yu Support Role
Zhang Xiao Long Yi Yi Main Role
Lan Lyric Tong Xiao Xia / Xia Lin Main Role
Chiu Prince Xiang Yang Main Role
Jia Qing Tong Si Ji Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Chinese