The Legend of Jasmine (2018)
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The Legend of Jasmine (2018)

The Legend of Sumoer, Su Mo Er Chuan Qi, 苏茉儿传奇, Da Qing Jiang Shan Zhi Long Dan Hua, 大清江山之龙胆花

Drama , Drama , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 40

5.6 822 10 0


Set towards the end of the Jin Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty, Sumoer is a Khorchin Mongol woman with a generous personality. She is someone who would rather endure difficult times alone for the sake of others. Su Moer meets Dorgon at a horse competition and they form a tight bond. One day, her world is turned upside down when an army invades their territory. Sumoer loses her parents and her homeland. To receive the protection of the Great Jin, the Khorchin Mongols arrange a marriage alliance between Princess Bumubuqin and Huang Taiji. Sumoer is also sent to Jin as a handmaiden of the princess where she crosses paths with Dorgon again and realizes that he is a man of high power. Initially hesitant to admit her feelings for someone she cannot reach, Sumoer tries to stay away, but she becomes a woman that Dorgon can turn to in his time of need and their friendship blooming into a passionate romance. 


Lu Yong Jun Wang Ye Support Role
Zhang Tian Yang Duo Duo Support Role
Zhang Yong Gang Lin Dan Han Main Role
Yan Kevin Duo Er Gun Main Role
Fu Da Long Huang Tai Ji Main Role
Liu Qian Han Bu Mu Bu Tai Main Role
Du Sunny Su Mo Er Main Role

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Drama , Drama , Historical , Romance , Chinese