The King of Soldiers (2018)

名 兵王

Drama , Action , Vampire , Chinese | Episode 31

5.1 341 10 0


Shen laughed to prove to students and teachers in addition to college graduate, there are many opportunities to prove his worth and position in the world, register to join the army, become a warrior fire force Northport City Fire. In the military, Shen laughed at a training achievement and mischievous at the same time came to the "soldiers", he headed to get things will work out of a limelight to prove himself. Then face the high school team and veteran Huang Fusheng spear, turned to face the flames of the sacrifice of his comrades, he finally understand the truth, honor and value. Military, not based on vanity and face, but across the country. On top of the interests of the people, when you are a soldier, you will not be for yourself, but for others.