The Journey of Flower (2015)

Xian Xia Qi Yuan Zhi Hua, The Strange Fate of Xianxia, 花千骨

Drama , Historical , Melodrama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 50

6.9 2163 10 0


Based off the novel by Fresh Guo Guo, tells the story of Hua Qian Gu, on the day of her birth flowers wilted and and the skies turned dark as her mother passed during child birth. Her father past away when she turned 12 years old. Before he died, he advised her to learn some tricks in order to help her survive, it appears that she has the strange ability to lure demons and other worldly creatures through her scent. She takes upon her fathers advice and heads to Mount Shu, where it is said there are people who are experts in dealing with demons and other creatures. However, upon reaching her journey is stalled after she hears the leader of the sect has passed away. Thus Qian Gu heads to the Chiang Lu sect to seek for help, there she meets Bai Zi Hua, the most gentle yet cold hearted man, who becomes her teacher, mentor and potential lover. Amidst Bai Zi Hua, are Dong Fang Yu Qing who cares for Qian Gu's safety and Sha Qian Mo who is the leader of the demon realm, that are also romantic interests of Qian Gu. The drama is also directed by Lin Yu Fen who has previous dramas such as 'Da Mo Yao', 'Bu Bu Jing Qing' and 'An Angel's happiness' to his credits.


Zhao Zanilia Hua Qian Gu Main Role
Huo Wallace Bai Zi Hua Main Role
Zeng Hong Chang Wu Gou Supporting Role
Zheng Ye Cheng Nan Xian Yue/ Nan Wu Yue Supporting Role
Ma Ke Sha Qian Mo Supporting Role
An Yue Xi Tang Bao Supporting Role
Zhang Andy Dong Fang Yu Qing / Yi Xiu Jun Supporting Role
Li Frida Ni Man Tian Supporting Role
Xu Joe Meng Xuan Lang Supporting Role
Qian Yong Chen Dong Hua Supporting Role
Kang Lei Meng Xuan Cong Supporting Role
Gao Hai Yun Yin Supporting Role
Gao Jiang Yun Yi Supporting Role
Ruan Wei Jing Shan Chun Qiu Supporting Role
Jiang Ocean Shuo Feng Supporting Role
Bao Tian Qi Qing Shui Supporting Role
Dong Chun Hui Luo Shi Yi Supporting Role
Li Kitty Lu Qiao Supporting Role
Wong Ricky Kuang Ye Tian Supporting Role
Gong Daniel Zhu Ran Supporting Role
Jiang Rulu Xia Zi Xun Supporting Role
Yang Shuo Tan Fan Supporting Role
Shen Bao Ping Yan Doa Guest Role

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Drama , Historical , Melodrama , Romance , Chinese