The Imperial Doctress (2016)

Nv Yi Ming Fei Zhuan, ing Medicine Woman, 女医·明妃传

Drama , Drama , Historical , Medical , Chinese | Episodes 50

6.4 523 10 0


Set in the Ming Dynasty under the rule of Emperor Zhu Qi Zhen, Tan Yun Xian comes from a long line of medicine practitioners, her family having served as court physicians for several generations. However, the practice for female physicians came to a halt when many were framed for abusing the form. Yet, Yun Xian is determined to learn medicine and so she does in secrecy, except things become difficult when her paths cross with the Emperor himself.


Huang Xuan Zhu Qi Yu Main Role
Huo Wallace Emperor Zhu Qi Zhen Main Role
Liu Cecilia Tan Yun Xian Main Role
Li Cheng Yuan Empress Xiao Zhuang Qian Supporting Role
Zhang Zi Mu Young Yun Xian Supporting Role
Deng Li Min Wang Zhen Supporting Role
Yuan Mickey Ye Xian Supporting Role
Jin Chen Wang Mei Lin Supporting Role
He Qing Empress Dowager Sun Supporting Role
Li Chao Bai Yan Tie Mu Er Supporting Role
Liu Li Wei Liu Ping An Supporting Role
Chen Maggie Du Shu Yue Guest Role
Wu Leo Prince Zhu Jian Shen Guest Role
Zhang Yi Jie Xiao Liang [Young] Guest Role
Xu Xiao Lu Hua Xiang Guest Role

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Drama , Drama , Historical , Medical , Chinese