The Flame's Daughter (2018)


Drama , Comedy , Chinese | Episodes 50+

7.1 2801 10 0


An Ye Luo becomes consumed by hatred after the woman he loves marries another man named Zhan Fei Tian, so he kidnaps their newborn daughter and switches the baby with the newborn son of Liehuo Manor. The daughter is raised as Lie Ruge, the sole successor of the Liehuo Manor. Her family takes in Zhan Fei Tian's son Zhan Feng along with Yu Zi Han, a member of the imperial family whowas born without the ability to walk. The three grow up as martial arts students of the manor while Ruge and Zhan Feng fall in love. As fate would have it, An Ye Luo lies to Zhan Feng and tells him that the Liehuo Manor is responsible for his father's death and the realization tears the couple apart. Lie Ruge then meets Yin Xue, a man who devotes his entire being to protecting her.


Gong Beibi An Ye Jue Support Role
Du Du Zhan Feng [Young] Support Role
Wang Gang Xie Hou You Support Role
Chen Kai Master Mu Rong Support Role
Yan Jing Jie Xuan Huang Support Role
Wang Ren Jun Prince Jing Support Role
Jin Po Han Ying Yi Support Role
Zhang He Lei Jing Hong Support Role
Lai Yi An Ye Luo Support Role
Li James Zhong Li Wu Lei Support Role
Dai Si Dao Lie Xiang Support Role
Zhang Hao Cheng Lie Ming Jing [Young] Support Role
Wan Mei Xi Madam Hua Support Role
Qi Hang Dao Wu Xia Support Role
Dilmurat Dilraba Lie Ru Ge Main Role
Zhang Vin Zhan Feng Main Role
Liu Wayne Yu Zi Han Main Role
Chou Vic Yin Xue Main Role