The Elfin's Golden Castle (2018)

Xiao yao de jin se cheng bao, 小妖的金色城堡

Drama , Family , Friendship , Romance , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 32

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The relationship between the rebelling Qi Qi and her foster father Lin Huan Zhi is very tense. Qi Qi who is suffering from depression turns to the internet where she gets to know Bao Bao Lan and You Nuo. Although all very different in character, the three girls come to trust and appreciate each other. Meanwhile, band leader and main vocalist Lin Nan Yi also appears in Qi Qi’s life. 


Yang Alana Bao Bao Lan Support Role
Mi Mi Lin Qi Qi Main Role
Lien Andrew Lin Huan Zhi Main Role

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Trailer The Elfin's Golden Castle

Drama , Family , Friendship , Romance , Youth , Chinese