Takane no Hana (2018)

高嶺の花, 高嶺の花

Drama , Drama , Romance , Japanese | Episode 16

5.8 473 10 0


The eldest daughter of the distinguished head family of the famous Tsukishima style of flower arrangement, 29-year-old Tsukishima Momo has everything – beauty, talent, career and wealth. She is engaged to the man she deeply loves. However, she discovers her fiance has been two-timing her and cancels their marriage on the day of the wedding. A shattered Momo has a crisis of confidence all at once. That is when Kazama Naoto happens to show up. The owner of a bicycle shop, he is an ordinary man who has nothing, and she is a woman out of his league. In spite of this, the two of them fall in love. 


Toda Naho Tsukishima Ruriko Support Role
Nojima Shinji Screenwriter
Yoshine Kyoko Tsukishima Nana Support Role
Chiba Yudai Utsunomiya Ryuichi Support Role
Kohinata Fumiyo Tsukishima Ichimatsu Support Role
Toake Yukiyo Kazama Setsuko Support Role
Masu Takeshi Takai Yuichi Support Role
Miura Takahiro Yoshiike Takuma Support Role
Fueki Yuko Imamura Kayoko Support Role
Hakamada Yoshihiko Tamura Kohei Support Role
Nishihara Aki Yoshiike Mayumi Support Role
Shoji Terue Kin Support Role
Karina (Ep. 7~) Support Role
Takahashi Hikaru Support Role
Mineta Kazunobu Kazama Naoto Main Role
Ishihara Satomi Tsukishima Momo Main Role