Suits 2018 (2018)

Sutsu, スーツ

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Law , Japanese | Episodes: 14

6.8 765 10 0


A remake of the American tv show, Suits. Shogo Kai is an arrogant lawyer at one of the biggest law firms in Japan. He is excellent at his job, and only cares about winning his cases. He is close to becoming a senior partner at his firm, but his bosses are concerned with his sole focus on winning. As a condition for him becoming a senior partner, his boss requests that he hires a young lawyer as an associate. Shogo Kai interviews a variety of prospects but none really capture his attention until he meets Daiki Suzuki... Daiki Suzuki has had a rough childhood, having lost his parents at a young age and then being raised by his grandma. Despite his hardships, he is an extremely intelligent young man with a remarkable memory. He works a variety of part time jobs in order to financially support his grandmother, and also doing odd jobs here and there like taking the University Entrance exam for others. Once this is discovered, he is kicked out of school and barred from ever taking the bar exam. Once he moves to Tokyo, he continues doing petty crimes. However, when his grandmother's health takes a turn for the worse, he need to start making real money in order to pay her hospital bills. That's when he meets Shogo Kai... 


Hijikata Masato Director
Kote Shinya Mitsugi Kanie Support Role
Imada Mio Sari Tanimoto Support Role
Araki Yuko Makoto Hijirisawa Support Role
Isomura Hayato Yusei Tanimoto Support Role
Nakamura Anne Kayako Tamai Support Role
Oda Yuji Shogo Kai Main Role
Nakajima Yuto Daiki Suzuki Main Role
Suzuki Honami Chika Yukimura Main Role