Strangers 6 (2012)

Seuteureinjeo 6, ストレンジャーズ6

Drama , Action , Drama , Thriller , Japanese | Episodes 15

5.6 117 10 0


is a coproduction between South Korea, China and Japan "Strangers 6" is a blockbuster drama about the things that will happen to the six representatives from the international agency that come together under orders.


Han Chae Young Main Role
Oh Ji Ho Park Tae Hyeon Main Role
Kim Shi Won Kim Mi Na Supporting Role
Kim Hyo Jin An Ji Hye Supporting Role
Kanno Misuzu Kaito Eri Supporting Role
Karasawa Toshiaki Kaito Satoru Supporting Role
Morita Suzuka Kaito Mitsuki Supporting Role
Kikawada Masaya Tachibana Kenji Supporting Role
Kitamura Kazuki Ryu Mitsuteru Supporting Role
Lam Bowie Fang Hai Lian Supporting Role
Yoo Sang Jae Jo Young Soo Supporting Role
Go In Bum Company president Jang Supporting Role
Choi Min Unknown Role
Xuan Liu Unknown Role
Kim Ri Woo Unknown Role


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