Someone Noticeable (2017)


  • Release: 2017
  • Broadcast network: jTBC

Someone Noticeable (2017)

A Person You Could Know, 알 수도 있는 사람

Drama , Romance , Thriller , Korean | Episodes 10

7.2 1357 10 0


This is a drama about finding out the password to an ex-lovers smartphone and recalling the memory of love.


Shim Hee Seop Kim Jin Yeong A Main Role
Choi Soo Young Lee Ahn Main Role
Lee Won Geun Kim Jin Yeong B Main Role
Jun Hye Jin Kim Hyo Eun Main Role
Ahn Woo Yeon Supporting Role
Son Jong Hak Supporting Role
Lee Joo Young Supporting Role
Park Min Soo Supporting Role
Moon Hee Kyung Supporting Role
Yura Supporting Role
Jang Sung Kyu Guest Role

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Drama , Romance , Thriller , Korean

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