Radiant Office (2017)

Jachebalgwang Opiseu, Self-Radiation Office, 자체발광 오피스

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 16

6 1827 10 0


Ho Won is a young woman who struggles to find a steady job. Tired and hopeless, she attempted suicide. Hospital check-up discovers she might have terminal illness. Soon after, a furniture company accepts her as a contract worker. Faced with a possibility of dying, Ho Won decides to just let herself loose. Her newfound bold attitude puts her at odds with her workaholic manager Woo Jin.


Go Ah Sung Eun Ho Won Main Role
Ha Suk Jin Seo Woo Jin Main Role
Lee Dong Hwi Do Ki Taek Main Role
Hoya Jang Kang Ho Main Role
Kim Dong Wook Seo Hyun Main Role
Kim Hee Chan Oh Jae Min Supporting Role
Choi Bum Ho Seo Tae Woo Supporting Role
Lee Yoon Sang Han Jung Tae Supporting Role
Oh Gwangsuk Eun Ho Jae Supporting Role
Kim Yoo Mi Lee Hyo Ri Supporting Role
Kwon Hae Hyo Park Sang Man Supporting Role
Kim Byung Choon Heo Goo Dong Supporting Role
Jang Shin Young Jo Suk Kyung Supporting Role
Oh Dae Hwan Lee Yong Jae Supporting Role
Han Sun Hwa Ha Ji Na Supporting Role
Hyun Woo Kang Tae-yang (Ho-won's college sunbae, episode 9) Guest Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean