Paul Who Fell From The Sky (2017)


  • Release: 2017
  • Director: Kim Sang Ho
  • Broadcast network: tvN

Paul Who Fell From The Sky (2017)

Fall From the Sky, 하늘에서 떨어진 폴

Drama , Action , Fantasy , Romance , Supernatural , Korean | Episodes 16

6.3 704 10 0


The popular webtoon Fall From the Sky will be adapted for the small screen. Published since June of last year, the webtoon is about Fall, a celestial being who’s been banished from the heavens above and sent down to Earth. Fall was born to an angel father and a human mother and thus he isn’t as powerful as other angels, but what he lacks in qualifications, he makes up for with heart. He’s uniquely positive, pleasant and full of life, and he’ll take it upon himself to protect those on Earth from attacks by unseen evil forces. His singular goal is to claw his way back to heaven, until Fall meets the one person who can see him, Seo-hee. In a twist of fate, Seo-hee will save his life, and in exchange, he’ll volunteer to be her guardian angel. As they battle demons together, they’ll fall in true love along the way.


Ahn Woo Yeon Unknown Role
Yoon Hyun Min Unknown Role