Part Time: The Series (2016)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 23

5.9 158 10 0


The story focuses on university level students who must find part-time jobs to finance their lives. As the relationships and interactions formed challenges are faced that range from finances, to work- school balances, to the serious one of a budding romance. How will our protagonists fare? Who will graduate? Who will be successful?


Luangsodsai Anupart Mong Main Role
Tichawanich Vittawat Ter Main Role
Khemmonta Varodom Hall Main Role
Jeeranarapat Ramida White Main Role
Premanan Fifa Jin Main Role
Chaiya Jirapirom Jod Main Role
Chairungroj Nalinee Melon Main Role
Nopa Kulkamol Nich Main Role
Tangniyom Wongsapat Ti Main Role
Jarujittranon Tanapol Tee Supporting Role
Darnkhuntod Tosatid P Supporting Role
Theewara Bank View Supporting Role
Ngeonkham Kirati X Supporting Role
Romchatmongkol Warakom Q Supporting Role
Wongtrakulyon Sudjaporn Om Supporting Role
Oumjaroem Chatchawal Tong Supporting Role
Dankhunto Tossatis P' P Supporting Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand