Ode to Gallantry (2017)


Drama , Drama , Wuxia , Chinese | Episodes 32

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Shi Qing and his wife have two sons. The younger son Shi Zhong Jian was killed by a vile woman who was obsessed with Shi Qing. Because of the loss of a child, the eldest son Shi Zhong Yu was raised coddled and spoiled by his mother. Left with no choice, Shi Qing sends his son away hoping that he will make a man out of himself under the tutelage of Lin Yun City. Three years later, it is said that the black iron tablets have resurfaced in Jianghu (aka martial arts world) and that whoever obtains said objects will be granted a wish. In comes stumbling a beggar who becomes the focus of the story and he forms an unlikely friendship with Shi Zhong Yu.


Zhang Jenny Main Role
Ma Ling Shi Xiao Cui Supporting Role
Sun Kris Supporting Role

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Drama , Drama , Wuxia , Chinese