Naet Nakin (2018)
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  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: GMM One

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Naet Nakin (2018)

มายาพิศวาส, Maya Pissaward, เนตรนาคิน

Drama , Drama , Fantasy , Horror , Romance , Supernatural , Thailand | Episode 35

4.7 130 10 0


Many years ago, a young married couple moved to an old house filled with items and statues used to worship the snake queen Gorgon. The wife was so disgusted that she destroyed them all. This enraged the ancient spirits and they placed a curse on her. At that time, she was pregnant with her twin daughters. So the curse was transferred to one of them, leading her to be the next Gorgon's descendant. She eventually gave birth to Ornchuma and Inthira. While Ornchuma behaved normally, Inthira (the Gorgon) kept saying abnormal stuffs about the snake and acting suspicously. The mom was so fed up with her that she divorced the father and took Ornchuma with her. Inthira, on the other hand, was kicked out of the house with her father. Fast forward to the present, Inthira has come back after her dad passed away. While Ornchuma and her brother Itsara welcome their younger sister, Inthira is planning a revenge on her mother. Little do they know that Inthira possesses a supernatural power which can turn human being into stone (dead). Kingkawin is a supermarket thief. One day, when he is due to meet Ornchuma, he mistakens Inthira as her. Inthira wants her sister and brother to love her and only her, so she is very jealous of Kingkawin and plans to pretend to be Ornchuma to lure him to the house and kill him. Realizing that he may have gone missing, Korrapin goes looking for her brother. Korrapin is a young girl that studies dharma and religious stuff at the local church. She is destined to be the one to stop Gorgon's doings. While looking for Kingkawin, she always bumps into Itsara and eventually the two fall in love. Feeling the beloved brother no longer cares for her, Inthira tries to kill Korrapin. To keep her safe, Itsara calls the help of Wasin, who is in love with Ornchuma. 


Samipak Sawitree Somwong Support Role
Susira Nanna Ornchuma | Inthira Main Role
Nopjira Lerkkajornnamkul Korrapin Main Role
Tilapornputt Jespipat Wasin Main Role
Danuwong Worrawech Itsara Main Role
Sirikul Penpak Amara Guest Role
Pupart Oliver John Guest Role
Indracusin Chinawut Kingkawin Guest Role

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Drama , Drama , Fantasy , Horror , Romance , Supernatural , Thailand



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