My Loser Husband (2017)

My Husband Can Not Work, My Loser Husband, My Husband Can't Get A Job, Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai, ウチの夫は仕事ができない

Drama , Drama , Family , Life , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 10

5.9 98 10 0


Tsukasa is an ideal husband to his wife Sayaka. He possesses a good appearance, impressive educational background and earns a high salary, but he keeps a secret from Sayaka. His secret is that he is incompetent at his job. He constantly messes up at work and gets to the point that he doesn't think he can do his job anymore. Then, he learns his wife is pregnant. He can't quit his job now.


Sato Toya Director
Watanabe Chiho Screenwriter
Yabu Kouta Tadokoro Yousuke Support Role
Sato Ryuta Tsuchikata Shunji Support Role
Dan Mitsu Kurokawa Akira Support Role
Imoto Ayako Machida Akari Support Role
Eguchi Noriko Kobayashi Midori Support Role
Yoshimoto Miyu Watase Rio Support Role
Yagyu Miyu Endo Tomoka Support Role
Nishikido Ryo Kobayashi Tsukasa Main Role
Matsuoka Mayu Kobayashi Sayaka Main Role