My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (2017)

Wo Nu Peng You De Nan Peng You, 一个宅男的无逻辑日常, 我女朋友的男朋友

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 32

6.6 1748 10 0


It didn’t quite go as he had hoped. A Zhai is a typical otaku who is obsessively in love with the most beautiful girl in school, Penny, but he lacks the courage and social skills to do anything about it. When he discovers a technology that brings him a robot companion from the future, he accidentally programs the robot to model Penny’s ideal boyfriend, instead of programming it to be Penny herself. Now stuck with a male robot companion, A Zhai manages to reorder a female robot and customizes it to be his Penny. But things get complicated when the robot Penny falls in love with the male robot, instead of Azhai, and the three live together in a hopeless love triangle. What will become of this terrible mess?


Li Chuan Ya Dang Main Role
Bai Shu A Zhai Main Role
Cai Wen Jing Xia Wa / Penny Main Role
Liang Jie Na Na Supporting Role
Chen Jin Yun Su Zi Xuan Supporting Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Chinese