Mr. Swimmer (2018)

You Yong Xian Sheng, 游泳先生

Drama , Action , Drama , Romance , Sports , Chinese | Episodes 50

6.4 12802 10 0


The play is mainly about the ordinary family grew up in the genius swimmer Bai Yan Ze, and swimmer prince Lan Tian, who meets Song Cha Cha. Lan Tian because of the secret had to leave the fiancee Cha Cha. So, in the cause, friendship, love in front, swimmer and Lan Tian from friends into a competitor. Experienced a harsh training, the two became a member of the national team in the final battle in a showdown. Lan Tian father set up to let the swimmer was forced to give up the game, that the truth of Lan Tian to overcome the inner timid, to defend the spirit of competitive sports, decided to return should belong to the joy of swimming. Three experienced in many twists and turns after the growth of a sense of responsibility, character tenacity, the inner sunshine of the outstanding youth.


D'Angelo Mike Bai Yan Ze Main Role
Ju Jing Yi Song Cha Cha Main Role
Li Xing You Jiang Shi Unknown Role
Hu Bing Unknown Role
Yan Jerry Unknown Role
Lee Dino Unknown Role

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Drama , Action , Drama , Romance , Sports , Chinese