Mojito (2018)


  • Release: 2018
  • Director: Jung Ji Gyu

Mojito (2018)

Mohiddo, 모히또

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 16

6 245 10 0


The drama is centered around the ongoings of a day-drinking establishment, run by an heir with a negative bank balance who becomes an agitated bundle of nerves at nighttime. He meets a woman who has lived her entire life with her balance in the red, and the story is about how they heal each other’s wounds and fall in love.


Kim Yoon Hye Seo Ye Ji Main Role
Sung Joon Chi Ji Woo Main Role
Im Ji Yeon So Joong Hee Main Role
Baek Sung Hyun Kim Young Kwang Main Role
Kang Nam Ssongssong Supporting Role
Choi Sung Joon Choi Ji Hyuk Supporting Role
Choi Ryeong Supporting Role
Jung Kyung Soon Supporting Role
Lee Han Wi Supporting Role
Park Hae Mi Supporting Role
Jang In Sub So Sang Hee Supporting Role
Lee Byung Joon Supporting Role



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