Mimi Shop (2018)


Drama , Drama , Game-Show , Kshow , Korean | Episodes 120

5.9 418 10 0


Hot celebrities gather together to open a trendy beauty shop. With Tony as a boss, Sandara, So Yul, Cheetah, and Jin Kyung join the show to show off their beauty tips and makeup skills. Since they have been to number of professional beauty shops and got their makeup done by professional makeup artists, they seem confident enough to open a shop. Will they be able to open a shop successfully? Stay tunedto check their business story out!


Song Min Ho (Ep. 2-3) Guest
Kim Jin Woo (Ep. 2-3) Guest
Lee Seung Hoon (Ep. 2-3) Guest
Cheetah Make-up Artist Regular Member
Shin So Yool Make-up Artist Regular Member
Ahn Tony CEO Main Host
Kim Jin Kyung Make-up Artist Regular Member
Park Sandara Service Manager & Make-up Artist Regular Member
Kang Seung Yoon (Ep. 2-3) Guest