Mia Tuean (2014)

Illicit wife, เมียเถื่อน

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 31

6.3 1638 10 0


Fah is a young lady who meets a man named Kade while working as a host at a car show. Kade falls instantly in love with her and comes to her aid to fight off a purse snatcher. When he offers to drop her off at the hospital to visit her father she agrees. Kade receives an important phone call, and Fah, not wanting to be a burden to him, leaves without telling him. Suddenly she receives a phone call from her step-sister's boyfriend saying that her step-sister is hurt and that he is coming to pick her up. When her step-sister's boyfriend picks her up, Kade sees her getting into the car with him. Meanwhile, Fah's dad is ill, and her stepmom owes a large debt to Film. She sends Fah to work as a maid at Kade's house to pay off the debt. Kade grows angry with her when he sees other men flirting with her. Fah doesn't understand Kade's sudden change in behaviour. Hanging onto the memory of their sweet first encounter and to the thought of her father who needs the money for his hospital treatment, Fah perseveres despite the hardship.


Toekongsap Rattapoom Kade Main Role
Wongviriya Ratchawin Fah Main Role
Hanyothin Krittaporn Ploy Supporting Role
Reungwoot Passin John Supporting Role
Janesuda Jane Maesa Supporting Role
Imanothai Kawin Din Supporting Role