Majurat See Nam Pueng (2013)

Honey-colored God of Death, Majurat See Nampueng, Matchurat Sinamphueng, Honey Colored Death, Sweet Death, มัจจุราชสีน้ำผึ้ง

Drama , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 15

6.1 1096 10 0


This is a story of two close families that promised and agreed of their children's marriage before they were born. Madam Lamphao, the head of Wichanee family, has two daughters: An elder daughter called Rojanasnai and her youngest Romereuthai. The elder sister already has a lover named Prawut Wuttisak. While Madam Preme, the head of Pathamakul family, has only one son called Paat Pathamakul. When the time came and the youngest daughter Romereuthai learned that she had to marry a son of her mother's friend, she was dissatisfied and opposed it because in her opinion Paat is a rustic, old-fashionable fool. So she forced her sister to marry him instead but Rojanasnai also defied it since she had her lover. In order to get her sister consent to get married Romeruethai used her last choice by revealing the truth that Rojanasnai was not her biological sister but an orphan that her mum adopted at the very young age. Overwhelmed with consciousness of gratitude Rojanasnai finally accepted the marriage to pay back the debt of gratitude.When Pathamakul heard the news of marriage acceptance Paat came to see his fiancé for the very first time and when he arrived and found out that his fiancé is not Madam Lamphao's daughter he was angry thinking that they tried to fool him and that she was after his money. When Romereuthai met Paat she was stunned, she never thought that a rural guy could be that amazingly handsome. So she tried each and every way to seduce him but he didn't fall for it or worse he was not interested in her at all. Paat decided to bring Rojanasnai back to his home and under the mutual misunderstanding and conflict he always threatened and reminded her that they were only technically married. And if she leaves him during the first three months this will mean war between these two families... Will this loveless marriage which was born of a promise and hate turn to love at last?


Wongpuapan Theeradej Paat Pathamaku Main Role
Wongsarattanasin Pichukkana Rojanasnai Peung Wichanee Main Role
Boonyakiat Passorn Lamphao Supporting Role
Sakuljaroensuk Apinya Romereuthai Supporting Role
Suriyon Aroonwattanakul Officer / Liutenant Waraat Supporting Role
Hiranyatithi Boromwuti Chit Supporting Role
Tipgomut Warit Lieutenant General Prawut Thraipolrachata Supporting Role
Nimsakul Pidsanu Pootawee Supporting Role
Apissada Kreurkongka Uraat Supporting Role
Samipak Sawitree Preme Supporting Role
Pongwilai Suchao Noppharat Guest Role
Goonchorn Na Ayuthaya Pimkae Payong Guest Role