Lost Love in Times (2017)

Zui Ling Long, Drunken Exquisiteness, 醉玲珑

Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 56

6.5 6224 10 0


Female protagonist, Feng Qing Chen, is a sorceress of Mingyi Tower, the secret organisation tasked with protecting the royal family. Yuan Ling is a prince from Western Wei, a ruling kingdom during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. He is described as an “untamed wolf” who appears to be cold and calculating, yet actually cares deeply for his loved ones. After getting to know each other, Feng Qing Chen is impressed by Yuan Ling’s abilities and suppresses her feelings for the sake of seeing him ascend his rightful position. Despite Qing Chen’s contributions to the kingdom, the court is vehemently against Yuan Ling marrying a woman who dabbles in black magic. Yuan Zhan launches a coup on the day of the wedding ceremony, and Qing Chen uses her powers to reset the universe in an effort to prevent further bloodshed. Qing Chen is eventually able to heal the rift between Yuan Ling and Yuan Zhan, allowing them to join hands to overthrow the corrupt officials and return peace to the land. ~~ Drunken Exquisiteness is based on the time travel romance novel of the same name by Shi Siye, and the original premise is basically the same as Bu Bu Jing Xin.


Chan William Yuan Ling Main Role
Han Cecilia Tao Yao Main Role
Huang Maggie Duo Xia Main Role
Xu Joe Yuan Zhan Main Role
Liu Cecilia Feng Qing Chen Main Role
Gong Jun Yuan Che Supporting Role
Li Cheng Yuan Jin Fei Supporting Role
Ji Jeffery Yuan Ji Supporting Role
Zhang He Yuan Ming Supporting Role
Gao Jiang Yuan Hao Supporting Role
Tang Jing Mei Wu Ping Ting Supporting Role
Li Zeng Concubine Lian Supporting Role
Xu Jovi Yuan Li Supporting Role
Mao Fang Yuan Xiao Xu Supporting Role
Zheng Ye Cheng Ling Long Shi Guest Role
Liu Yi Jun Guest Role
Han Dong Xi Xie Guest Role

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Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Chinese