Life (2018)

Laipeu, 라이프

Drama , Comedy , Medical , Romance , Korean | Episodes 16

6.3 3308 10 0


A medical drama that depicts the power struggles and human stories that take place within a university hospital.


Yum Hye Ran Kang Kyung Ah [Chief of the Hospital] Support Role
Yoo Jae Myung Head of the Cardiothoracic Center Support Role
Kim Won Hae Head of the Emergency Center Support Role
Lee Kyu Hyung Ye Sun Woo [Orthopedic Specialist] Support Role
Uhm Hyo Seop Lee Sang Yeob [Head of the Cancer Center] Support Role
Lee Soo Yeon Screenwriter
Choi Kwang Il Jang Min Ki [Head of the Organ Transplant Center] Support Role
Moon Seung Geun Kim Tae Sang [Vice President of Hospital] Support Role
Tae In Ho Sun Woo Chang [Organ Transplant Coordinator] Support Role
Chun Ho Jin Lee Bo Hoon [Head of the Hospital] Support Role
Hong Jong Chan Director
Lee Dong Wook Ye Jin Woo [Doctor] Main Role
Moon So Ri Oh Sae Hwa [Head of Neurosurgery] Main Role
Jo Seung Woo Ku Seung Hyo [Hospital Chief Director] Main Role
Won Jin Ah Lee No Eul [Pediatric Specialist] Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Medical , Romance , Korean