Konda Teru no Goho Reshipi (2018)

Teru Konda's Legal Recipe, Konta Teru's Legal Recipes, Konda Teru no Gouhou Reshipi, 紺田照の合法レシピ

Drama , Comedy , Food , Japanese | Episodes 10

7.7 635 10 0


Konda Teru is a third-year high school student and gang member of the Shimofuriniku-gumi. He lives with death in a world of guns, torture and fighting, but gunpowder smoke can make him think of mackerel grilled with salt. Konda attends school with classmate Haru Maki. Despite being faced with the dangers to his life and swamped by schoolwork, he takes inspiration from his day and creates exquisite food daily with wild imagination. This food gets him through difficult gang situations, at times sparks love and even saves people’s lives.


Ozawa Hitoshi Support Role
Ikeda Junya Support Role
Inaba Yu Support Role
Aoyagi Sho Support Role
Kato Shinsuke Support Role
Uchiyama Shinji Support Role
Kimura Ryo Support Role
Musaka Naomasa Support Role
Komiya Arisa Support Role
Shinoda Mariko Support Role
Ogi Shigemitsu Support Role
Nakano Hideo Support Role
Yamamoto Maika Haru Maki Main Role
Ryusei Ryo Konda Teru Main Role