Jao Saming (2018)
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  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7

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Jao Saming (2018)


Drama , Action , Drama , Fantasy , Mystery , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 30

6.4 316 10 0


He is a man that was cursed to be a Saming, he comes to meet his first love again. He must protect her from outlaws in the forest. Even if he risks being revealed and injured by another Saming that wants to kill him. However, he has to do it for the woman he loves. The fight to end the curse has begun, the birth of a love that desires to be real. Vegeance surrounds him, and he must fight for true happiness. (Source: asianfuse.net)


Attapanyapol Poolaphat San Support Role
Prombandal Phutharit Jor Pah Support Role
Pongwilai Suchao Akom Support Role
Wongtrakul Thanayong Ja Chai Support Role
Ngamsan Chartchai Uncle Kapayoh Support Role
Hussawee Pakrapongpisan Ongtee / Tawan Main Role
Teerathananpat Anyarin Muayjerng / Pimsai Main Role