Jang Yeong Sil (2016)


Drama , Historical , Political , Korean | Episodes 24

5.3 272 10 0


Drama series follows the life Jang Yeong Sil (Song Il Gook): a scientist, technician and inventor during the Joseon period. Jang Yeong Sil was born in the lower class nobi. King Sejong (Kim Sang Kyung) notices his abilities and brings him to the palace. King Sejong grants him a chance to display his abilities. He invents tools like astronomical instruments, iron printing press and a water clock.


Kim Young Chul King Tae Jong Main Role
Lee Ji Hoon Jang Hee Je Main Role
Song Il Gook Jang Yeong Shil Main Role
Kim Sang Kyung King Se Jong Main Role
Seo Hyun Chul Choi Bok Supporting Role
Jung Han Yong Hwang Hui Supporting Role
Kim Do Hyun Lee Chun Supporting Role
Jung Ui Kap Jung In Ji Supporting Role
Jang Gwang Jo Kwang (Master Chung Bo) Supporting Role
Kim Byung Gi Maeng Sa Sung Supporting Role
Han Ki Joong Heo Jo Supporting Role
Kim Hyo Won Jung Cho Supporting Role
Yeo Hwi Hyung Na Ki Soon Supporting Role
Son Ho Gyun Jang Ki Bae Supporting Role
Im Chul Hyung Yoon Bong Supporting Role
Lee Young Suk Jo Mal Saeng Supporting Role
Son Byung Ho Ha Yeon Supporting Role
Park Sun Young Princess So Hyeon Supporting Role
Jung Yoon Suk Jang Yeong Shil [Young] Guest Role
Hong Hyun Taek Se Jong [Young] Guest Role
Kim Dan Yool Jang Hee Jee [Young] Guest Role
Park Gyoo Ri Joo Boo Ryung Unknown Role
Kong Min Gyu Unknown Role