Intern Doctor (2017)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Taiwan | Episodes 52

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Nian Taiwan idol drama , FTV production and broadcasting , Chen Chien-jen comedy adaptation of laughter orthopedic physician work, practice physician from the point of view of the interpretation of the white tower The story is a comedy in tears. By Zhang Jie , Chen Xiangxi , Xia Yu , Lin Baiyu , Kazakhstan filial piety led starring. The play was opened on July 21, 2017, starting from August 6, September 12, premiere press conference, September 14 file " My teacher called Xiaohe " premiere every Monday to Friday evening. In addition, the first episode of September 14 will be premiere 10 minutes to 22:20 premiere.


Lu Johnny Support Role
Chen Teddy Liu Yong Jun Main Role
Chang Chieh Song Da Yuan Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Taiwan