Inference Notes (2017)

Tui Li Bi Ji, 推理笔记

Drama , Detective , Mystery , Supernatural , Chinese | Episode 20

5.7 689 10 0


This is a mystery-solving adventure story about an idol girl Xiao Zao An (with a hidden personality named Ai Di Sheng) and genius detective Mi Ka Ka who experienced a series of revenge cases together and fight against a secret organization named Poker. Also get to find out what is the identity of this hidden personality Ai Di Sheng.


Wang Dao Nan Police Chief Support Role
Wang Edison Mi Jie Support Role
Han Greg Lin Xiao (Ep. 10) Support Role
Ting Julie Yu Xiao Support Role
Zhong Aviis Spade 7 Support Role
Sun Jian Fei Qiu Zi Ming Support Role
Kwan Sharon Lin Shu Yao Support Role
Sun Steven Ai Di Sheng Support Role
Yen Cindy Zhuang Yan Support Role
Chin Shih Chieh Professor Zhou Support Role
Zhang Wendy Xia Zao An Main Role
Wang Duo Qi Mu Main Role
Hou Ming Hao Mi Kaka Main Role

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Drama , Detective , Mystery , Supernatural , Chinese


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