If You Are the One (2008)


Drama , Comedy , Game-Show , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 15+

5.3 45 10 0


This gentle slice-of-life drama from China concerns Chin (Ge You), a middle-aged bachelor who leaves something to be desired in the appearance department. In desperation, he opts to invest some time and money into a personal ad - and spends the following weeks suffering through a nearly endless series of disappointing dates with ill-matched, unpleasant, and sometimes downright eccentric women. His fate turns somewhat when he meets Xiaoxiao (Shu Qi). She's gorgeous,she's engaging, and her personality meshes beautifully with his own - but Chin can't quite shake the feeling that she's way out of his league. Recalcitrant about the idea of approaching her romantically again, Chin settles for a friendship with Xiaoxiao and the two find a bright spot in each others' lives.


Feng Xiao Gang Unkown Job
Hsu Vivian Pregnant candidate Support Role
Hu Ke Support Role
Ge You Qin Fen Main Role
Shu Qi Xiao Xiao Liang Main Role