Home Sweet Home (2017)

Wen Xin Zhi Jia, Zhen Qing Zhi Jia, 真情之家

Drama , Drama , Family , Romance , Taiwan | Episodes 62

6.4 509 10 0


the original drama called warm home, is 2017 three Chinese TV drama eight points file series of works of the 19th, access file "only for you to stay." The play by Sun Qinyue, Yang Yongcun, Ji Yan, Li Weiyi, Xie Zuwu, Miao Keli led starring. The original female two actor Zhou Cai poetry due to the caudal disc herniation resigned from the work, resulting in the main visual and titles, items of a soft play are remake.


Tsou Jason Lai Yong Kang Support Role
Hsieh William Support Role
Lai Lene Support Role
Tao Michael Support Role
Wang Jean Support Role
Wang Hank Chen Hang Tian / "Roger" Support Role
Mei Stanley Rou Rou Support Role
Chiu Ally Support Role
Huang Jenny Wang Shu Li / "Kelly" Support Role
Lee Lia Shi Mi Tang / "Sugar" Support Role
Miao Ke Li Support Role
Kuo Ryan Zhu You Ting / "Lucky" Support Role
Yang Esther Wen Xin Main Role
Lee Vivi Xiang Yi Rou Main Role
Sun Yorke Ji Yan Xi Main Role
JR Xiang Yi Yang Main Role

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Drama , Drama , Family , Romance , Taiwan