Head Above Water (2017)

浮出水面; Fu Chu Shui Mian; Shou Wei Zhe Fu Chu Shui Mian, 浮出水面

Drama , Action , Crime , Thriller , Chinese | Epispdes 30

5.9 924 10 0


Top secret research on the newest Bathyscaphe technology is stolen. Task force headed by Hong Shao Qiu and Ye Han is assigned to solve this case in which the nation's secret and defense is on the line.


Han Yu Qin Ye Han Main Role
Jin Dong Hong Shao Qiu Main Role
Li Yi Yi Zhang Yan Supporting Role
Kuang Clinton Xiao Chu Supporting Role
Jiao Ti Yi Zhang Xi Yang Supporting Role
Li Hong Tao Zhou Da Lu Supporting Role
Liu Li Wei Jiang Yuan Supporting Role

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Trailer Head Above Water

Drama , Action , Crime , Thriller , Chinese